About MGN

MGN is a unisex jewellery brand founded in 2018 by Megan. Centring the natural yet otherworldly glow of gemstones, MGN’s products are a playful combination of bright, refracting colours against high-polished molten silver and gold. 

MGN’s jewellery evokes antique silhouettes and a touch of fantasy, as a lost-wax process creates one-of-a-kind textured metals to showcase hand-picked, ethically sourced gems. Each piece is made-to-order in Baker’s Melbourne studio using 100% recycled sterling silver and gold, designed to last forever.



We strive to be more sustainable in all areas of out practice. Our pieces are all made from 100% recycled metal. We try to use lab created stones where possible, which eliminate the need for mining. The natural stones we used are sourced from a trusted supplier in Australia who shares our goals of sustainability. We aren't perfect in this regard but we are always open to any feedback in terms of what you'd like to see. If you're seeking a custom piece with us, we can make sustainability the priority in the production of your piece.